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Real Trade Examples

May 2019 +150% Gains on TLT the Long Bond Calls

About a week before stocks started selling off and volatility was getting higher... bonds had pulled back and were set to rally as a 'flight to safety'. We bought calls on TLT (the long bond) as as stocks sold off, bonds really rallied. We used the lower top to get out at the same time stocks were starting to make a comeback and rally from cloud support (I teach the cloud in the member section). We also got +7.50 % on TMF the leveraged bond ETF and used a fairly large portfolio allocation on it. 

S&P500 Exiting Before the Selloff Fall 2018

Here is where we got out of stocks before the Dow dropped -1000 points. I gave a detailed explanation to private clients and kept them all out of the big selloff. During the same time, bonds rallied, so we got into a triple leveraged bond ETF (see below)

TMV the tripe inverse bond ETF Fall 2018

October 2018: This is a trade on the triple inverse long bond ETF. Bonds go down and this goes up. Now that interest rates are going higher bonds are falling off. Bonds trade just like stocks so even if you get interest, the asset value is constantly going up and down. In this case, our ETF is soaring.

The Triple Leverage Junior Gold Miner ETF summer 2018

August 2018: This is a trade of the 3x Inverse Small Cap Gold Miners ETF we exited on August 15, 2018. We got in a few weeks before as gold was starting to break down on its chart. However, gold stocks had not broken down yet. Then, as gold started moving below $1190, down to $1160, junior gold miners plummeted, leaving us with a +41% gain on this trade. Because we have a close stop, we had 15% of our portfolio in this trade, netting us a +5.6% gain on our entire portfolio from this trade. 

Buying Puts on GLD the Gold ETF Fall 2018

August 2018: At the same time as JDST we also made +100% on GLD (Gold) Puts as gold was in a negative trend below the Cloud. The Cloud works as support and resistance. We used the hammer candle to get out as the hammer is well knows to show a potential bottom on a chart. At least temporarily. 

There are plenty of people out there trying to call the market, but no-one is getting it right like you. It is clear you have an instinctive uderstanding of the market and I find your newsletter a very interesting read for its social and economic commentary as well as the market pieces.
- DB

I greatly appreciate the advantage you give me by allowing free access to your market & economy thoughts, comments, and prognostics. I find them very useful and a great guide to strategy. Especially appreciated is the down-to-earth tone that comes across as if you were discussing a topic with a friend. I look forward to each edition. - WM, Mississippi

I received several letters, memos, emails and newsletters a day regarding the Stock Market, the only one I read is from Trader Review. The predictive accuracy of recommendations of stocks and commodities is almost always right on the money!
Best regards - GSS 

What We Trade

Trading Stocks, Options, and ETFs gives the ability to trade all sectors of the market including oil, gold, the dollar and many more as well as inverse ETF's when the market is going down.

We focus on the best stocks inthe best sectors as well as trading the various sectors throught ETF's when they are set to move. We can trade technology, crude oil, gold, silver and many others through ETFs.

We specialize however, in stocks with great technical patterns , great trends and great strength that can outperform the market.

Learn more...

  • Stocks. We use trend trading and precision entry methods to find the best stocks by first looking at the overall market direction, then favored sectors (oil, tech, etc.) and then the best stocks within those sectors.
  • Options. We use the same methods as we do for stocks, buying calls when we think somthing will rise and buying puts when we think it will go down. We can also trade options on ETF's like the dollar or the long bond for big gains of +65% that would only offer a few percent as stock trades. How so? These options have almost no time premium.
  • ETF's. 80% of your gains in the market come from being in the right sector (technology, oil, gold, etc.) We use double and triple leveraged ETF's both to the upside and downside. Since sector allocation is THE most important thing in trading (to be in only the best sectors) we can trade leveraged ETF's as well as bull/bear in commodity ETF's like gold, crude oil, bonds, the dollar index, etc. 

"I've been involved with investments (real estate, the stock market, commodities) for several decades now and have reviewed tons of market letters from many sources over the years. But, I must say, your info is the best yet. Just as simple as that, "The Best"." - Ed Ferland

If you want to look at the indicators I use every day to look at stocks and determine if they are a buy, sell or hold, and how this methodology works even if you are a daytrader, swing trader, or long term holder, (like IRA management), then I would like to invite you to join Trader Review and get a portfolio of 3-8 picks per month with new picks almost every single week, and 2-3 options pics per month, delivered daily before the market opens, and receive 2 hours of training videos on trend trading using the cloud and point and figure. There are 2 hours of videos with charting information you have never seen before. The two best methodologies for trend trading... the Ichimoku Cloud and Point and Figure.

Also, just to let you know this expires Sunday at midnight.... 

TDOC a Health Stock

This is a trade we made in July 2018 on a medical device company. This is one of the hottest sectors and should remain very hot for the next 2 decades. We time precision entries of course, and this stock's strength to the market is very strong, it made a breakout, and has a great positive trend. The cloud you see is used for support. 

We use a proven system to ascertain risk in the markets and to get into the best trades in the best sectors when the technicals are improving in those sectors.

The most important thing is to be in the right sector. And from there... the best stock.

 So you have to start off with the overall market. Then each sector. Then each stock. That's the top-down approach to finding the best picks to buy in the entire market. Bottom-up analysis where you look at the management first, then eveything else is not the way to go especially when the market turns down. Reason being, people just aren't going to spend the money necessarily when the economy turns. 

Here's where you can get in now and get alerts and model portfolio updates every morning. 

Trader Review Premiere Subscription Rate

Triple Leveraged Leveraged Semiconductor ETF

This is a trade we made on SOXL, the semiconductor triple leveraged ETF. It broke the 50 day moving average, was moving through the cloud and I got us in and we were up 17% three days later.

"Your timing on the recent collapse was perfect. I don't know how you did it, but you nailed it to the day. Your recent picks are all up." LS Maine

Get REAL Strategic Commentary as to what action I believe will generate, or preserve wealth as markets continue to change. Markets are always changing! No matter what you think you know about the future, the long term objective can change.

If you use the right timing (we do) you can get out before huge market drawdowns and back in when stocks are ready to rally again.

Receive the latest updates right now! I have never failed to warn on a major market collapse in this newsletter. If the Dow is ever down 500 points or more from any high, we've always been completely out. Ready to save cash for the bottom. Or, we're shorting using inverse ETF's. That includes missing a fall of over -3000 points on the Dow in 2008.

There hasn't been a time to use inverse ETF's for over a year, but even last summer in 2017 we used them and out portfolio grew 3% when the market did nothing. 

If you want to look at the indicators I use every day to look at stocks and determine if they are a buy, sell or hold, and how this methodology works even if you are a daytrader, swing trader, or long term holder, (like IRA management), then I would like to invite you to watch all my videos There are 2 hours of videos I am 99% sure have information you haven't seen before. 

Also, just to let you know this expires Sunday at midnight.... 

Trader Review Premiere Subscription Rate

I read your commentary every time it is published. I respect what you have to say and have shared your comments with others. There are four or five people (sites) whose comments I trust, and frankly, you’re at the top of that list.
- AM, Texas 

You really know your stuff and I love how multi-layered and cohesive your analysis is. You use technical, fundamental thematic, psychological and plain common sense in your analysis. You make bold predictions that are correct with a surprising frequency.

Of all the news letters that read free or paid this one stands out clearly for its excellent technical analysis and catching the tops and bottoms almost all the time. I have been enjoying reading your news letter for the past nine months and its amazing to see how almost all the calls are right on the target. Keep up the good work.  - SK, WI

Apache Oil (APA)

This is a trade we made on Apache Oil (APA). The chart made a triple top and was moving into the cloud (bullish) and looking to move through the cloud (bullish). We made 180% on these call options in only 3 days. 

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$ 197 /quarter
(regular $249.00)
  • daily alerts and updates every day before the market open.
  • cancel anytime and always receive access until the end of your billing period
  • Includes daily portfolio updates every morning
    Most recent alerts sent to you immediately! 
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