Trader Review Services

Trader Review is a Stocks, Options, and ETF service that does a variety of technical research on the markets and sends out a model portfolio that is updated daily to private clients.

We use indicators that are used on the CBOE Trading floor that are extremely useful in finding out who is in charge of the market any any given time: Buyers or Sellers

And... where we think the market will be going and why.
We also focus on what are the best sectors to be in at any given time. Oil, gold, the dollar, Semis, Technology, Steel, Industrials, Housing, etc. and use ETF's and leveraged ETF's in those sectors for some of our picks.

We will also at times use leveraged ETF's for the overall market as well as going bearish in various sectors as well using ETF.
We also use options using specific timing techniques with point and figure and the Ichimoku Cloud as well as volatility to determine if we're going to buy Calls or Puts in various sectors and/or stocks. 

Trader Review

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